IRCTC E-Wallet

IRCTC e-wallet allow passengers to pay amount quite easily, at the same it help to get freedom from paying extra charges imposed by IRCTC. User can upload cash in advance and allow them to use as per their need.

How to Register for IRCTC Wallet?

1. First of all login into your IRCTC account through your user ID and Password.
2. Now, click on IRTC EWallet section and choose the registration section.

3.User need to verify their aadhaar card or PAN card number.

To verify your detail please enter your valid PAN card number or Aadhaar number.IRCTC portal will store your information as KYC and your valid identity proof.

1. Once you will complete the registration and authentication process successfully then you will be redirected towards Ewallet payment gateway to pay the fees.
2. Now create unique transaction password that will be used while payment.
3. To complete the registration process choose the bank account through which you are going to pay the fees.
4. User must remember that registration fees is one time pay non refundable amount.
5. After successful process you will be log out from the IRCTC portal and you will confirmation of successful registration.

Deposit Process in IRCTC Wallet

User need to follow the steps outlined below:
1. User need to login in to their account.
2. To upload cash into your wallet click on IRCTC EWallet Deposit from the navigation bar and choose the amount you want to upload and remember that amount choosen by you is as per the criteria decided by the IRCTC.
3. Choose the mode of payment and bank account you want to use to upload the cash.

6. Minimum amount that user must upload is Rs.100 and maximum amount that can be upload in IRCTC wallet.
7. Amount in multiple of 100 will be accepted.
8. Amount uploaded in wallet is non refundable.
9. Once amount is successfully uploaded in your wallet, you will receive confirmation message.
10. To confirm your amount click on DEPOSIT HISTORY, enter your password to prove your identity and click on GO button.
11. All the information will be available for you including available balance in your wallet.

Transaction Record of IRCTC Wallet

1. User will be able to get all the information about all the transaction that you have made.
2. User will also get information about booking done by them.
3. Booking information can be accessed with the help of transaction ID.

Refund Wallet Status of IRCTC Wallet

1. IRCTC wallet refund related information will be available in this section.
2. User can also track information though transaction record.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation using Wallet

How to Change Password of IRCTC Wallet?

Use of IRCTC Wallet in Train Ticket Booking

User can use this wallet to pay while booking train ticket. This wallet will be available as payment option for passengers.

Before final confirmation of payment user need to enter the OTP to confirm the identity.

Use of IRCTC Wallet in Train Ticket Booking

1. User can easily cancel ticket by choosing Booked Ticket History under My Transaction.
2. Now, list of booked ticket will appear on your screen.